Try Before You Buy

by - Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hello everyone!

It is been a while since I last blog. Things become too busy last week.

For this blog I am featuring this site that I always check for samples. There are friends of mine who keeps asking me where do I got those samples I post here in my blog. So one of the channels I checked is

Try Before You Buy

Sample Room is a beauty sampling site that enables consumers like me to change the way I shop. Their brand is "Try Before You Buy".

Sample Room covers from Skin Care, Hair Care, Body Care, Fragrance, Cosmetics, Tools, Health, Slimming, Lifestyle, Baby and Living.

So how does this work?
  1. Register and confirm your registration.
  2. Get free points upon registration. 100 points will be given to you.
  3. Choose your sample.
  4. Check out and pay for the shipping fee and handling fee. So the shipping and the handling fee varies on the total weight of all the products and location.
  5. Receive your samples.
  6. Use it and post a review at For your review to be valid, you should at least have you used the product for at least 1 week.
  7. Get points by points by reviewing a product. On submit of your review you will get 1 point. If your review was accepted and allowed to be posted. You will get back the total points you spent for the product.
  8. In addition, you can purchase additional points. You can also get points per referral. Just submit your referral's email and advise your referral to accept the invite from sample room and register.
Always check sample room for new samples.

Here is the second batch of samples I got.

Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy

I highly recommend this site to everyone specially to moms like me. 

Register now and share your experience by leaving a comment down below.

Thanks for reading!

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