Julianna Diaries Vol. 11: Julianna Sherrie The First!

by - Sunday, October 18, 2015

Twenty Second of November Two thousand and fourteen marks the first monthly celebration of Julianna's birth. Since it is her first month celebration I tried to make it more like a birthday party but in a simple manner.
So here she is with the food we prepared. So the is cake m, hotdog-in-a-stick, spaghetti and fruit salad.
Here she is with her Mamagrand.
Here by the Christmas tree is with her Mommygrand.
Together with her grandmas.
It's her afternoon nap so she is very cranky and wants to sleep but because we are trying to giver her a party which means we are loud that time she snapped and cried.
Finally we were able to calm her and got this opportunity to get a family photo.

This is her OOTD. I got all of these at SM Southmall. She looks very pretty.
The lovely princess. The future queen.
Here she is with her gifts.

We are so excited for your very first birthday Julianna. We love you so much! ❤️

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