Purederm Botanical Choice Exfoliating Foot Mask First Impression

by - Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hello everyone!!!

I am one of the few who does not have a perfect, flawless feet. Mine is really chubby and these days lack a pampered appeal. Then while browsing facebook I saw a shared photo of feet that look very pretty and flawless after using a peeling mask for feet. Then one time I saw a box of peeling foot mask at Watson's. I hesitated to purchase it but when the time I have finally decided its already sold out. Instead I got myself Purederm Botanical Choice Exfoliating Foot Mask.
I got this for only Php150.00.

To give you an idea here is the glimpse of my feet.

Going back to the mask let us check the description and benefits.
- This is a "Sock-type" foot exfoliating mask.
- Perfectly peel away calluses and dead skin cells in just 2 weeks.
- It has papaya and chamomile extract.

How to use:
1. Using scissors cut open the package along the dotted line. 
2. Thorougly cleanse your feet and wear the masks. 
3. Remove after 60 to 90 minutes and rinse off with water.
4. Calluses start peeling off after 4 to 7 days after use. Nearly all calluses will be removed in further 3 to 5 days depending on their thickness. Do not use a callus remover or pick on calluses when they start peeling off.

These are the masks. They look like socks.

I suggest to use socks to keep the mask in place. I wore the mask for 90 minutes. While my feet is soaked in it. I can feel a tingling sensation. Like my feet is soaked in citrus fruits and slowly removing the dead skin in my feet. After 90 minutes I removed the mask and washed my feet. Too bad it ruined my fresh pedicure. My feet also feels swollen. After drying it I felt it become soft. 

Now let me share my experience in the past 7 days.

First Day
I noticed nothing at first.What I kept feeling is like my feet was scrubbed by a very hard stone. There is no visible effect yet.

Second Day
I haven't seen any improvement yet on my feet. However I noticed that it became drier than before. I hope there will be some improvements by tomorrow.

Third Day
Nothing much of change. However I noticed that my foot looks like about to peel. Maybe tomorrow it will.

Fourth Day 
My foot supposed to show a bit of peeling by this time. However I have not seen anything. It just look dry.

Fifth Day
Still none.

Sixth Day
So for today I saw that my feet are very dry and I can see tiny white flakes falling out. I think this is the sign that its about to peel.

Seventh Day
Finally its already peeling. I am not aure yet how long will this last but I am hoping for good results. Here is the phot of my feet.

Based from the packaging I should not peel it. Let it peel by itself. I will see by next week if what will my feet looks like.

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