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by - Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hello everyone!

So our team will be having an overnight/outing/team building activity this coming Friday. Since I have not lost much of my pregnancy weight and I want to bring a swimwear that I am confident to wear I made an effort to check the section of Sassa Active and Swim Wear at Robinsons's Las Piñas. I was not able to take a photo of their section. However they have marked down items which is up to 50% off. Great finds right? 

I actually first tried a rashie top. I have been eyeing on that since last week. I thougt it won't fit me because it is in the size of small. However it fits perfectly. I am so happy. Its original price is Php599.00 and its discounted price will be around Php300.00. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it.

As I was about to leave the premise of Sassa I noticed that they have other discounted items and decided to give a try on the other interesting swim wear.

First is this very cute pink and stripes two piece swim wear.

1. The bottom fits perfectly to me.
2. It has a cute design and pretty colors.
3. It comes with a hair tie.
4. I can adjust the fit of the top two ways because it has two way of strapping it.

1. I do not like the pads. It is not settled perfectly.

The original price is Php749.00 and The discounted price is Php374.50.

Second is this pretty floral two piece swim wear.

1. The design is very feminine and classy.
2. The top is easier to wear.
3. It comes with a hair tie.
4. The bottom fits fine.

1. The straps of the top is too tight and it does not fit right.
2. The brassiere area is underwire and there is an instance that clothing malfunction might happen.

The original price is Php800.00 and discounted is Php400.00. This is actually my bet in the three items.

Last is the one piece swim wear.

1. It looks very classy and nice.

1. Though its already in the size of large it is still too tight and I do not like how the bottom part looks.

The original price is Php649.75 and discounted is Php325.00. This swim wear really looks fine when I saw it in the racks.

This is my third time to purchase an item from Sassa. They have good quality active and swim wear and it does not fade or get ruin over time. It is a good investment. Plus! They always offer discounts!!!

So for which did I choose? I will share it on my next blog post.

Thanks for reading!!!

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