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by - Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Hello everyone!

As we continue the awesome celebration of my husband's birthday. On his exact birthday we all went to McKinley Hill, Taguig City for a short stroll at the new Venice Piazza Canal and have our family dinner.

Sporting our Superman outfits! Of course! You know I am a huge fan of themed outfits. 

My daughter tried to feed the pigeons. However the pigeons are too shy to go down and stayed mostly at the top of the building.

After that we went to the new attraction if McKinley Hill which is the Venice Piazza Canal. It is inspired by the famous canals in Italy.

After strolling. We all got tired and hungry. Piazza was filled with a lot of tourist. I am so tired as well. I made a reservation at Seafood Island. 

I used my perk at Seafood Island fro BDJ. A free grilled tuna panga is given if we order their new boodle feast called Island Sinugba Espesyal good for 5-7 persons. I am hesitant at first to get it because it is really filled with seafood and no meat. Since there is red tide shells are not available. I opt on adding Crispy Pata, Pancit Canton and Kare Kare. 

Here is the free grilled tuna panga.

The sinugba espesyal is not bad at all. Actually its good and everything included in the feast is really delicious. The tuna panga is also good. Its sweet and salty. I highly recommend this feast. Our favorite is their Pancit Canton. It is delicious and the serving is big. We really enjoyed the dinner. Specially my in-laws. They love everything in the table. 

I asked the waitress if they give something special for birthday celbrants. They gave us these complementary ice creams. 

I am really happy with the service of the crew from Seafood Island. They are polite and nice. I am also happy for my husband. I know he is really happy with everything I prepared for him. 

Thanks for reading!

Seafood Island
Ground Floor, Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill, Taguig
Contact No: 403-8011

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