20 Things To Do This 2016

by - Friday, March 18, 2016

Everyone knows that bucket list is one of the helpful way to achieve things you wanted. I am trying to do it actually. I know I do suck on this most of the time. This morning I found this list sent to me via email of Female Network. This is the list of 20 Things You Should Try This 2016. I am intrigued of this list and decided to why not give it a try. I may at least complete the half of it.
  1.  Listen to throwback playlists to remember good memories.
  2. Finish books that you bought from way back. 
  3. Watch a live act.
  4. Learn to cook a dish.
  5. De-clutter.  
  6. Re-arrange your furniture. 
  7. Take yourself out on a date. 
  8. Travel alone. 
  9. If you've been wanting to live and work abroad, do something about it now! 
  10. On weekends, instead of going to malls, try a real hobby.
  11. Get yourself sexy lingerie. 
  12. Stock up on on wardrobe basics instead of nabbing every piece that's "hot." 
  13. Eat healthy, like for real. 
  14. Do a social media cleanse. 
  15. Write a list of what you need to accomplish. 
  16. Be serious with your finances. 
  17. Reflect on the past year's biggest moments. 
  18. List down the things you value so you'll know how to prioritize them. 
  19. Do an anonymous good deed for someone. 
  20. Say "I love you" and mean it. 
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