#ResparkChallenge Day 4: And So It Begins

by - Friday, May 13, 2016

Photo courtesy of Respark Your Goal Challenge
It's Day 4. And so it begins...

For today's mission:

Simple Mission #1: Test your TDV
Have a timer ready
When you finish your specified TDV, stop the timer and note the time

Simple Mission #2: Evaluate
Time to share!

My TVD is to set aside Php225.00 everyday in preparation of my 1 Focus. It took me almost 2 minutes to complete my TVD. It was not that difficult since I installed a BPI app in my phone. After I got a seat in the van and gave my fare to the driver, I automatically open the BPI app and transferred the amount to our family savings account. This anchor I am using is really good and I know that even in the other opportunity spaces I have I can complete my TVD. I firmly believe I will succeed with this one.


With Love,

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