by - Thursday, July 07, 2016


I am so thankful for this wonderful surprise I received this afternoon. I am actually laughing when the rider asked to take a photo of us with these gifts.

The rider told me that these are gifts from Blogapalooza. It is the All Lactose Free Milk Goodness by Arla.

Who is Arla? Arla started way back in 1880. They bring natural milk products aim to help fulfill a healthy and ambitious life.

The milk they sent is a lactose free milk that is good for both adults and children who are sensitive to lactose. It provides with all the tasty goodness of milk but is faster to digest.

We took a sip of it. Me, my husband and our daughter. Julianna is a bit uneasy with the taste. Its new to her. It is not sweet nor creamy. I find the taste a bit the same with the fat free Harvey's milk. It is very light and taste better when cold.

This surprise was delivered to our doorstep by etobee.

Etobee is a delivery service application where customers can pick up and deliver their package theough smartphone wherever and whenever.

To know more about them visit their website at

Thank you again Blogapalooza, Arla and Etobee.

Much Love,

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