BDJ Rendezvous Woman Up Series 1 Express Yourself with Style

by - Monday, February 13, 2017

The first BDJ Rendezvous of the year... Woman Up!

Last Saturday I attended the very first BDJ Rendezvous. To give you an idea. This event caters woman empowerment topics. Women with different perspective, goals and achievement were invited to speak and inspire girls which are called Bellas. This rendezvous has four topics. I got so inspired by the speakers that I decided to put up a series of blogs to cover each.

Miss Shaira Habon
IG: @shairahabon

The first topic is "Express Yourself with Style" with speaker Miss Shaira Habon, She shared here 11 Rules on Building up your personal style. At first I thought it will be another step by step process with ensembles that you should have in your closet. But no. It is just 11 simple rules to live by. Here it is.

Assess yourself
Identify your body type
Fit is the most important
Know the trends but remember to keep your style
Dressing should be half your audience, half your personal style
Seemingly tiny tricks can totally change your look
Do a wardrobe audit
Know the staples
Put things together
Remember that clothing is a form of communication
Wear the right makeup

She started her talk with the question "What is the difference between fashion and style?" Do you have an idea. What comes to my mind is that fashion is the trend everyone sees from the magazines, TV and social media which mostly followed and imitated while Style is the look reflecting your personality and perspective.

Well from the rules she gave I totally relate to all of it. Before deciding on what style you have to assess yourself first. Know your body type. With the right body type you can give emphasis on the part of your body you want to flaunt.Also don't be bothered by the size of the clothes, what matters is the fit. If it fits perfectly and you can move with confidence that is better. It is also important to know the trends but make sure that the trend will not take away your own style. You should be the one to stand out and not the pretty dress. You should always be known by your style and not be the fashion. Feel free to also make a few tricks with your style.

Another is to always have a wardrobe audit. We might have that white dress already in our closet but was forgotten. Make sure to invest with the staples like a pair of good jeans, little black dress and white button down. Learn to put things together also. You may get different looks with only 5 staples.
Also make sure that you dress up for the occasion. Do not go to a wedding wearing shorts. Also pair it with the right makeup. Black lippie does not go well with office uniform.

I always tell myself that beauty shines best with confidence. The question is how can I feel confident about myself? Here is what Miss Shaira shared.

Self confidence is being comfortable in your own skin
Know your personal style
Create a trademark
Choose the right clothes
Focus on what you like
Don't lose yourself in the process

Miss Shaira totally shows what she said. My personal style is always classy and girly. Something like a girl boss with a flare. Sometimes I feel I lack the confidence to wear what I want. After hearing her speak I become determined to get back to my style and work on my confidence. 

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