BDJ Rendezvous Woman Up Series 2 Keep Your Fitness Resolution

by - Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Miss Noelle De Guzman
IG: @kikayrunner

In continuation to this series. The next topic was about fitness. The speaker is Miss Noelle De Guzman. The beautiful and strong woman behind

Miss Noelle started with her story. She was on the verge of health problem that she decided to take charge of her body and start a better life. As she said "Use it or Lose it, You only have one body."

Why pursue an active lifestyle? Being sedentary is bad for our health. What is sedentary? In the simplest word, being a couch potato. There were studies that people who spend most time watching television die early. That is creepy! Being active also makes us feel better. I agree with this. Last night I started a simple workout-at-home routine and it really pumped me. I was able to cook three meals without feeling tired or irritable. I feel more energized and happy. Last being active helps us live longer and more fulfilled. Amen to that! 

The thing is how to set our goal for getting active? First, have a big-picture goal. Have timeline shown in flowchart with colors and stuff. My goal is to lose 1 pound a week. I already lost 3 pounds. See yourself into something you wanted to be. Keep that in mind. Next break it up into smaller and smaller tasks. See getting fit does not happen over night. You have to take one step at a time. Mine is losing 1 pound a week, Then make sure the daily task is doable. If you cannot run for an hour a day why not make it 30-minutes or 15-minutes? It is more doable right? And finally write it down. Make sure to document your progress. This way you can measure the success of your goal.

Through the end of her talk she discussed the way to stay inspired and motivated. First is to stick with it. For a thing to be a habit or a routine it must happen 21 times. Do what you enjoy. I actually enjoy dancing so what I do is I play my favorite dance song at the moment and dance with my child. I enjoyed and burned calories at the same time. Challenge yourself. If I feel my dancing becomes easier I mixed it with a few workout routine like jumping jacks or modified push-ups. Last is create a support system. Mine is my cheerleader! My daughter.

I really enjoyed listening to her talk and I will surely run my very first fun run this year. Not a marathon. I don't want things to hype up so much. Just kidding!

Thank you for reading!

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