BDJ Rendezvous Woman Up Series 3 Life With Purpose

by - Friday, February 17, 2017

Miss Noelle Rodriguez
IG: @noellerodriguez
We are still rolling. The third topic is "Life with Purpose" with Miss Noelle Rodriguez. This is actually my favorite topic and I got so inspired by how passionate and motivated Miss Noelle is.

Miss Noelle is a yoga instructor and holistic health coach and the founder of Life Yoga Center

Moving on! What is stress? Stress is mostly internal. This is mostly a feeling we experience when we think things won't work. In my experience, I get stressed when things don't work my way. I keep on pushing things to work out not seeing there is a better way or blessing to come. It is important to choose our point of attention. What do we really want to achieve?

We need to see the big-ness. The big picture. Most of the time I only focus on the very small detail that does not have a great impact at all. We should see where the Sun shines brighter. When I think of the times I put myself in stress because of small things I can't help myself smiling and sometimes laughing.

When challenge knocks to our doors, surely it comes with a purpose. As my favorite bachelor Barney Stinson said "Challenge Accepted!". Challenges builds character. Prepare us for a bigger fight of our life. After the challenge we become a different person. Stronger and smarter. It is just a matter of perspective. There was an exercise led by Miss Noelle. She said we close our eyes, think of our dream or a beautiful things we want to achieve. Focus on that. Then she asked us to open our eyes and how do we feel. I myself I saw my husband and my daughter living a peaceful, simple and blissful life. With no worries for financial, safety or health. We are so happy. That makes me feel great. We just have to switch our outlook to a positive vibe.

It is our choice. There is nobody who can make a choice for us but us. If we choose to be happy then we will be happy. If we choose to be negative then everything will be awful.

From listening to Miss Noelle, I realized how passion and positive outlook in life can help you accomplish success. She an inspiration to many who wants to pursue their dreams. I learned that having a celebratory attitude, a good matter of perspective, considering the power of choice, building great relationships and dedication to overcome limitation contributes greatly in accomplishing one's dream.

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