BDJ Rendezvous Woman Up Series 4 Work On Your Passion

by - Friday, February 17, 2017

Miss April Cuenca
IG: @april_cuenca

The last on our series is the "Work On Your Passion" talk led by Miss April. Miss April is the brilliant mind behind tripkada. This talk is unique because mostly Miss April talked about her journey.

She is the youngest of all the speakers but she shines like the others. Her story began with the question she got when she was twelve years old. What can you do to make a difference for your country? Her passion began.  At her age she's been gone to 68 places in the country and still counting,

She pursued her passion and used it to establish her own company. At an early age she is already a CEO.

My takeaway for her talk is first, like how she said it be the solution. We always complain of a lot of things and complaining does not help anything at all. Always think of how and not the why. Look for a way to stop the fire of problem rather than adding fuel to it. Second is believe that its okay to fail as long as you learn from it and keep on moving forward. Everyone makes a mistake and its fine, We may fail many times but it doesn't mean it is the end of the world.  We should learn from that mistake and use it to succeed.

Last, everyone has a dream when they were little ones. Someday we will be ... Something like that. From this we were able to identify our passion and direction. The journey to it is sure to be rocky, sometimes rainy but at the end we will see the rising of the sun. This is what Miss April exemplifies to us that afternoon. She never quit. She just keep on going. Now she is where she wants to be. One day we will be on that same place in our passion. As my dream anthem quotes "Don't stop believing!"

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