Smart Parenting Mom Workshops Raising Toddlers

by - Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Smart Parenting Mom Workshops: Raising Toddlers
I have a two-year old daughter and honestly day by day it gets harder and harder to deal with her. Sometimes I cannot even understand what she wants. Praise God! God blessed me to attend a seminar that I can really relate to.

Lucky 9!
Last Saturday, March 18, Smart Parenting hosted a Mom Workshop entitled Raising Toddlers. The event took place at Makati Diamond Residences. It is an afternoon filled with learning and surprises.

Calpol Booth

BeloBaby Booth

Nature to Nurture Booth

Pumplepie Books & Happiness Booth
Four booths were set at the venue. They got Calpol, BeloBaby, Nature to Nurture and Pumplepie.

Goodie Bag!

Taming Tantrums by Michelle Lichauco-Tambunting

Nicole Hernandez-delos Reyes for BeloBaby

Dr. Carmina M. Arriola-delos Reyes talked about Pain and Fever Management

Arcell Tan of Insular Life 
Talks include Taming tantrums and how to deal with your toddler, raising kids on this digital age, teaching kids about money and toddler hygiene.

I am really thankful that I attended this event. I learned a lot from the speakers. I learned that children age 3 years and below has a brain that develops 700 neural connections per seconds. They get to learn a lot and process it in their mind. If we get frustrated with them, they experience more than the frustration. As parent we need to understand who are child is and what he or she needs. We need to know that our child's behavior is a reflection of his or her needs.

My takeaway also as a mother from this seminar is what is Miss Michelle said, after all the things I have done I should remind myself "I am doing a great job, I am enough".

Afternoon snack

Afternoon Snack

Obligatory Bathroom Selfie
I just love this huge belobaby products.
Romper from Cotton On, Bag from Girbaud and Shoes from Chelsea
Elevator selfie. Time to go home!
I also won an insurance plan from Insular Life. So much blessings for that day!

Thank you again to Smart Parenting and all the sponsors.

Thank you for reading and God bless you!


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  1. Congrats to your winnings. It is really nice to attend events like this because you will learn a lot of things. Indeed, it is not easy to raise kids.

    1. Thank you Miss Michi! I feel great that day. New motto I earned that day "I am doing a great job! I am enough!"

  2. I salute this campanies because they are not just promoting their products but also helps to educate parents raising their kids. Same here I have a very active toddler but he's already 3 everyday it's more harder but he is my pleasure! I used baby Belo shampoo and cologne. I love both specially their fragrance.

    1. Belo Baby lover here also! The only thing I have not tried is the cologne!

  3. Smartparenting has been offering a lot of seminars and talks that are really helpful to us Moms. I also have a toddler and sometimes it gets hard. That's why it's important to know them. By the way, hurray for the insurance plan that you won!!

    1. Thank you sis! I felt guilty when Miss Michelle explained to us the difficulty our little tots experience.

  4. Also, we have the same blog template. ;)

    1. What is your blog? I will subscribe :)

  5. It is not really easy to raise kids on this digital world, far more different during our time right? Seminars like these are very helpful, as newbie parent, I also Invest on learnings. Congrats also for winning some of their raffles. Hope they'll have a re-run of this workshop.

    1. Thank you! I hope they will also pick me for the next workshop!