#NationalSuperMomsDay Celebration of every child's real hero

by - Thursday, May 18, 2017

Last Saturday, me together with my family witnessed a very touching and heart-warming event.

SM BF Parañaque held the Corps D'Elite Manila fashion show last May 13, 2017. This event is part of the 3-day long celebration of #NationalSuperMomsDay.

Photo credit to Corps D'Elite Manila

They featured kids strutting their modeling skills at the runway. They model different clothes and accessories from different online shops. These young ones are part of the leading photography company called Corps D'Elite Manila. 

I am so amazed and entertained by how good these models are. They are professional and on point. I am sure their parents are so proud of them. I feel the same for them.

Zanya Headbands
Time Square Boutique
Yumi Snook
Martina Balidio
The Elite Models of Corps D'Elite Manila
Our favorite is the Martina Balidion Floppy and Bow line. My daughter screams Moana for this. It kinda gave that Moana vibe the whole time.

But guys, this event is not just about the modelling and fashion. What we love the most about this event is the segment they prepared featuring the solo parents and parents to special children. They are the star of the show.

They say 'it takes a village to raise a child' and I agree on that saying. Being a parent is not just a piece of cake that you can swallow easily. You have to bite and chew it into smaller pieces. Though I am a first-time mom and I know I am not an expert to this matter. I really had a difficult time. So for solo parents and parents with a special child, I think the role will not just be twice but three times.

When they played the video of the two special kids, I start to fight back my tears. These kids are truly special because they are gifts from God and I believe God sent them here on earth twice as special. Like other kids they also have the privilege and rights. I salute their parents. I can see from these kids their innocence, contentment and compassion. They are showered so much with love that a Mother can only give and that made them more special. I told my husband I don't know if I can do what these Moms did. I don't know if I will be a Super Mom despite all the challenges. They are so inspiring.

I also salute the solo parents. See people for sure have judged them for raising their kids alone. But these Mothers/Fathers are the bravest. They were able to fight and rise above all adversaries. Their passion on parenting and giving their kids the best while doing both roles as a parent is a proud moment both for them and their kids.

While they were walking, I prayed that God will continuously bless them throughout their journey. I know God is delighted with children and blessed them so much.

I am fighting my tears back again. Waaahhh!!!

Anyway! Everything changed and the mood became happy when this cute bee went up the stage.

Julianna is ecstatic after this seconds of encounter with Jollibee

Oh! For my baby I will do anything!

I mean anything!!!
They had a quick game. They asked for five mommies to dance with Jollibee. My husband was able to record this but I asked him to please not post it, Mommies right? They will really do anything for their little ones. Even dancing on a stage... in front of many people... in a mall. Still its all worth it, Julianna is beyond happiness.

Special Performance from the Kids

The Elites of Corps D'Elite Manila
We had so much fun that day. Julianna was able to takeaway a few modelling moves and strut at home. I am so thankful to SM Supermalls for inviting us.

My Beautiful Family
Happy Mother's Day! God bless all the Super Moms!!!

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