BDJ Rendezvous : Bella Mommies

by - Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Muse at the First BDJ Rendezvous - Bella Mommies!
Last Saturday, I attended the most fun rendezvous event of BDJ. I may sound biased but I enjoyed it most because the event caters the Bella Mommies like me.

Our Bella Sis Jasmine 💓

The event happened at The Podium which is so far from my residence. I am thankful that BDJ is very considerate and I made it a minute before the last call for the raffle entries. I wish Julianna was there to give me a commendation and say "You did it Mommy!". Yes I do have my own cheerleader!

With my good friend Grace 💓

I am thankful as well that I have a good friend Grace who saved me a seat at the front row. This is also my first time to sit in front.

The Multitasker with Louise Santos

The Momprenuer with Ginger Arboleda

The Fashionista with Shari Macainag

The Fitness Coach with Ian Banzon

We had four topics and all of them were light topics that Moms can relate. This day was like a Me-Time for us. The talk are not about how-tos or Mommy Starter Pack 101. The topics are more relatable in different aspects.

My take-away...
This day was an awesome day for all of us. Mommies nowadays are far beyond what the typical is it years ago. We are more flexible, risk-takers, talented and courageous. Miss Louise is an epitome of modern mother. It was like looking through a mirror and seeing yourself in the reflection of other mothers. I learned from her story that we mothers have a great blessing of multitasking. We can accomplish a lot by using the resources available to us. Though we are faced with a lot of things everyday of our lives, there is no doubt with our abilities to accomplish them. With Miss Ginger I realized and decided to tap back on my passion project. Something I have been wanting to start for a long time not because of money but because I love to do it. Her story inspired me that I can still do what I love while taking good care of my child. With Miss Shari, I got style inspiration and learned that through basics and essentials I can come up with a set of wardrobe that is efficient and can go well with different situations. Lastly, With Miss Ian I got inspired of how she promotes good health. Mommies are truly the rock of the house and the rock should stay strong and healthy. I will plan my family's meal now to be more colorful and healthy. Also keep my core strong with basic exercises I can do to stay fit.

With Miss Isha of Purple Heiress
I am also ecstatic to meet the beautiful Miss Isha of Purple Heiress. I also meet baby Skye.

Goodies I got from the event :)
Big thanks and thumbs up to BDJ team for giving bella mommies a wonderful day to remember.

God bless everyone!

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