Deoproce Color Synergy Effect Sheet Mask Yellow REVIEW

by - Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello everyone!

This is a very late post. 

I always treat my skin with a face mask every week. For better results this should be done at least thrice a week. 

For the face mask I got myself a Deoproce Color Synergy Effect Sheet Mask Yellow in Moist Recovery Shining with Honey and Snail Secretion Filtrate.

This mask promise to give your tired and sensitive skin the moisture, recoveryand shining result.

Let's start with the packaging. It comws in a common packaging. So nothing new. Opening the product. The sheet is damped and cold. 

I first cleansed my face. After that I placed the mask onto my face. I left it there for 20 minutes.

I noticed that the sheet is a small. The mask is actually cold and smells very nice.

So after 20 minutes. 

My skin becomes softer and brighter. I can feel that my skin is filled with moisture.

In the morning, my face is still soft and glowing. 

I think continues use of this product will make my skin more glowing. 

I truly recomment this to everyone. Just visit any Watson's store. This is only Php55.00.

Thanks for reading!

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