Celebrating Performance! Most Rewarding Experience with Sodexo Gift Certificates

by - Friday, December 01, 2017


Two years ago, I worked on one of the biggest Solutions company in the Philippines. One of the perks they gave was through reward points which we call Celebrating Performance Points. This was given to us by our managers or team leaders when we do something that made a great impact to the project.

Those reward points can be converted to gift certificates. I always exchange mine with Sodexo gift certificates. Why? It's because Sodexo is accredited and honored in different establishments nationwide. Also, Sodexo GC’s have always been and forever will be valid and that re-validation and replacement of Sodexo GC’s are free of charge once the validity date is reached.

Going back to my story. The first time I used Sodexo GC, I bought my favorite shorts and blouse during my younger days. I even worn them on my first themed park date with my then boyfriend who is now my husband. I bought these items at SM Department Store.


My second time, I bought a cute pair of pink shoes. I was not able to save a photo of it but I love that shoes because it is my favorite color. I got those pretty flats also from SM Department Store.

The third, last and the most special and rewarding experience. I used my Sodexo gift certificate and purchased the shoes I wore down the aisle. I got those lovely pumps also from SM Department Store. Our wedding theme is vintage and motif is pink so the shoes completed my ensemble. I felt like a model that day because it sky-rocketed my height. Until now I have the shoes with me and I am planning on giving it to our daughter when she grows up.


When I reminisce to the good ol' days. I can't stop myself from smiling. Recognition is really a good boost of moral to employees who do their best and sacrifice even their personal precious time to deliver a performance worth celebrating. Good thing Sodexo was one of the GCs given to us. It even added more value to my life when it contributed to one of the best days of my life. My wedding.


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