Hi Muses!

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Suzie. I am a wife, a mother to a beautiful girl, a full-time Software Engineer and a thriving blogger on the side. 

I called my blog Musings of a Suzie because this is my avenue for my reflections. I blog about beauty products and services, clothing and accessories for my family, parenting and family life.

I called myself The Muse. Back in fourth grade I was elected as the class muse out of mockery. I have been suffering for years from a skin problem and everyone finds it funny. Since then I had a low self-esteem and I do had difficulty seeing myself beautiful. Over time I did overcome the insecurities and worked on building my confidence stronger. Now I am confident to claim the title! Cheers to that!

I am more on the brighter side of life now. Just like what my favorite Barney Stinson from HIMYM says, “When I am sad I stop being sad and be awesome”.

I hope you find inspiration and encouragement from my blog. 

Thank you for the love and support!

Stay beautiful Muses and God bless you!