Find your signature red lipstick

by - Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hello everyone!

Are anyone of you familiar with the TV Series Pretty Little Liars? So their queen bee is known for her signature lip color which is Nars' Jungle Red. Do you also have your signature red lippie? Since I do not have mine I opted to search for something that is not too expensive.

So last week I took advantage of Maybeline's promo. I got myself a new red lipstick which I am hoping to be my signature red lip color.

When it comes to lip color I am looking for something that is pigmented, matte, no foul smell, not too glossy and deeper color.

So for the lipstick, I got myself the Color Sensational Lasting Lipcolor in Red Revival. Comes in a price of Php299.00

find your signature red lipstick

find your signature red lipstick

find your signature red lipstick

I used this for the first time on a Sunday. We are in a rush to get ready for church. The moment I applied it to my lips I had a difficulty to spread it out evenly. Since it has a matte finish. I need to be careful on applying it. Also its very pigmented so there was a chance that it will smudge. However, its really long lasting. I noticed that day that the color is already gone around 3pm. This is really a good investment for a sexy-looking red lipstick.

find your signature red lipstick

1. Packaging looks great. It comes in a very classy look.
2. Matte finish.
3. Very pigmented.
4. The color red is very beautiful.
5. It has no foul smell
6. It lasts longer than ordinary lipstick.
7. Its affordable.

1. It has a tendency to smudge.

Rating: 4/5

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