Jergens 7-Day Challenge #PerksofaBella #JergensSkinStoryxBDJ

by - Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hello everyone!

So I have this perk from BDJ that if I accept the 7-Day challenge to try Jergens I will get a free gift pack from them.

I already tried the Jergens Original Beauty so opt to try their other lotions and I chose the  Age Defying.

Jergens 7-Day Challenge #PerksofaBella #JergensSkinStoryxBDJ

Jergens 7-Day Challenge #PerksofaBella #JergensSkinStoryxBDJ

Jergens 7-Day Challenge #PerksofaBella #JergensSkinStoryxBDJ

This line of Jergens promise to help revitalzs and replenish skin. This will help in restoring a visibly rejuvenated skin. Since my pregnancy last year up to now I am struggling to make my skin more supple and radiant. The hormonal changes greatly affected my skin and I want to restore it.

Monday to Sunday Experience
Every morning after bath and in the evening before going to sleep. I use this lotion. It does smell good. However I noticed that it takes longer to dry and get into my skin. In the morning, while waiting for it to dry I do my other routines. Though there are times that I am in a rush to get ready for office and I just quickly put pants after I applied lotion. I feel uncomfortable and I can still feel that it is still wet.

On the bright side this lotion is really moisturizing. Maybe if I try it a bit longer than 7 days I will see better results.

1. The packaging looks good.
2. The lotion smells good.
3. It is really moisturizing.
4. The lotion is affordable. For a size of 200ml it is priced Php132.00

1. It has an after apply sticky feeling
2. It does not dry fast.

Rating: 3/5

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