Maybeline Velvet Matte Lip Color REVIEW

by - Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hello everyone!

This is a late blog actually. So I believe it is been almost a month since I bought these products from Maybeline. 

They have a new line of lip color which is the Velvet Matte Lip Color. They have 12 colors in total but I choose to pick these two. They come in MAT6 and MAT12 shades. 

So I made a quick review on these products. They reminded me of NYX matte lip color. 

The packaging is actually very nice. They look like lipstick but actually not. So the container is actually twistable and when you open it, it has a wand with lip color applicator like we see in lip glosses. However for this one they are a bit angled.

Another thing I like is it does not smell bad. And the product is not that thick looking.

Since I am about to go out for a semi-formal occasion and I am looking girly. I made a rain check on which one will go best.

First is the MAT6.

This is how the product looks like. For this one, it looks like red violet actually. Good for Fall season. I am actually wondering why the applicator is angled. When I try it I was amazed that its easier to apply the product since the angled applicator helps me follow the shape of my lips. I am always struggling on the cupid's bow. Thank God for this!

I love the color. However I wish for it to be darker. It does not even pile up on my lips which is a plus on the good side.

Next is the MAT12. This is their nude shade.

I love this color! Its very girly and beautiful! This is good for everyday use.

I am a fan of nudes of NYX and I strongly recommend these shade for everyone. I think this will look great to everyone.

Here is my overall look in natural light.

I look fresh and young. 

So this lip color comes in a price of Php349.00. However when I purchase these they are discounted for a price of Php299.00. 

Nevertheless give it a try girls! I swear that purchasing these are very efficient.

For those who have already tried these lip color share your thoughts about it by leaving a comment below.

Stay beautiful!

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