Palmolive Naturals Body Wash White + Papaya 7-Day Challenge

by - Monday, September 21, 2015

Hello everyone!

Palmolive recently released their new line of body wash which is the White + Papaya Body Wash.

I am a fan of Palmolive's body wash because of their fruity smell and gentle wash.

This new line of body wash is infused with 100% papaya extracts. Its rich formula contains mild cleansers and natural whiteners for a moisturized and radiant looking skin.

7-Day Challenge
From September 14, 2015, Monday
To September 20, 2015, Sunday 

I really love the body wash from Palmolive. For this White + Papaya body wash, I am thrilled with the whole. First let's start with the packaging. It comes in their usual bottle that contains a huge amount of product which could last for over a month. Second is the fruity smell. I really love the fragrance which gives me a more relaxing bath experience. Third is the product. It does not have a sticky feeling, it washes off easily, it does not have a bad smell when I sweat. Last is the result. I am seeing a little of even out tone in my skin. Specially the dark areas.

I totally recommend this to everyone who loves whitening and fruity fragrance in one.

Overall rating is 5/5.

Thanks for reading!

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