10th Year Edition Unwrapping

by - Monday, October 26, 2015

Hello guys!

This is the fourth time that I am going to be a bella! So proud! Their next planner is going to be their 10th edition. I wish I was able to know this planner 10 years ago. I could have been part of the BDJ Veterans. Oh well at least I am part of it now. 

Last Thursday I missed a call from someone and I thought that it was one of the suppliers for my daughter's party. I quickly called them back and to my surprise it was the delivery man of the BDJ Planner. I asked him to deliver it the next day because I won't be home until late evening. He quickly agreed. Friday evening here is what I got!

I availed this at ilovebdj.com. This cost Php550.00. Php500 is for the planner and Php50.00 is for the VIP fee for the upcoming BDJ Fair. So let's unwrap it and give it a look.

I am sorry for the next photos. I am actually using the blogger app in my iphone so all photos I directly snapped and used them. Moving on.

This planner comes with a magnetic bookmark.

This is what it says at the back. I am really aiming for this one!

So this planner looks very motivating. 

Here is the summary tip on how to maximize this planner. Here are the other photos I took from this planner.

I like this gown here. I wish I can find one like this.

Full tips on how to maximize the planner.

As always part of the planner is the perks of a bella coupon book. Plenty of discounts and privileges for bellas like me are in this book.

I haven't thoroughly check this yet but I assure you guys that this is the best planner ever for ladies like me. You can use this as a tool to achieve your goals. I am giving this a perfect 10 score. 

Bellas are you excited? I'm sure you do. For who do not have their 2016 planners yet. Just visit their website at www.ilovebdj.com. You can also check their FB page for popup stores in the metro. 

Remember bellas, Be brave, Be bold and shine!

Thanks for reading!

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