Julianna Diaries 9: The Very Blessed Girl

by - Saturday, October 17, 2015

It was around November last year when we noticed something about Julianna. Whenever she cries she turns bluish to purple. She also chokes a lot when we feed her and even run after her breath at night. My husband was first to noticed those thins until he pointed out to me. So we decided to bring her to her pediatrician for a checkup. She said that there is a murmur in her heartbeat. We asked more questions about it and she referred us to a pedia-cardiologist. That time it was just me and my husband's cousin. At first I do not what to say or what to do so I called my husband and told him the news. He actually went straight home after work and we are very sad. The next day we went to the cardiologist for a checkup and she confirmed the murmur. She advised us to have Julianna checked via 2D echo. We asked her to do it the soonest. We are very anxious the next day and I think both me and my husband are scared. During the procedure the doctor mentioned that she have 2 holes in her heart. It made my heartbeat stopped like somebody just stabbed me. I tried to be strong and figt my tears back. I asked how she is and how will it affect my daughter. She gave me a window of hope by saying "Don't worry mommy your baby is a very lucky girl". Although there are two holes. These holes does not need immediate procedure and eventually will close. Her condition is called Ventricular Septal Defect. This is another type of Congenital Heart Disease. During my pregnancy Julianna already have it and the development process is still ongoing. She just gave us some prescription and reminders. We left the clinic slightly disheartened but we still believe that everything will be fine and she will grow up the way God planned for her. We know that by faith she is healed and she is saved.

This is Julianna after the Sunday Service.
A simple photo opportunity after the service.

There are nuns selling this shirt so we decided to buy this for her a remembrance of how great the love of God for Julianna that He did not allow her to suffer much.
I will be forever thankful for the most wonderful gift I received. 

And now here she is. ❤️

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