Julianna Diaries Vol. 2: The First Seven Days

by - Friday, October 02, 2015

Hello everyone!

Julianna is very special to us. The first 7 days of her life was a nightmare. We are really deprived of sleep. She asked for milk from time to time. We are also very careful when changing her because the end of the umbilical cord is still attached to her. See how lovely she is in this pictures.

Most of the time she is sleeping. She will be awake for less than an hour and when she is awake she loves staring at the decorations hanged in our ceiling. These are the décors from the baby shower. I think my mother-in-law removed those when she was around 6 months od. 

Another thing I love is the baby's smell. Its very intoxicating and I cannot resist kissing her. I love my baby so much!

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