Julianna Diaries Vol. 3: Happy First Bath

by - Sunday, October 04, 2015

Hello everyone!!!

I can still remember the day I first saw our Julianna Sherrie. Her skin is so soft and she smell very nice. She always smell fresh and I love hugging and kissing her. She does not even need to take a bath because she always smell fresh. However she still needs to stay clean. 

So we started bathing her when the end of the umbilical cord fell off from her navel. It is a must for that thing to dettach from her skin before she gets wet from bath. November 1, 2015, Saturday her first bath!

We are very careful. We gave her bath  inside our room. We put the bath tub on the bed. We prepared everthing she needs before we gave her a bath. At first she is very quiet but then she started crying. I panic a bit but I still try to focus. I think after 5 minutes we are done. My baby is done with her first bath.

Special thanks to her Godmother Joann, Auntie Jehng and Auntie Sarah for the bath tub and grooming kit.

With Love, 

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