My Belkin Wishlist

by - Friday, October 30, 2015

Hello everyone!

Who among you cannot live a day without your gadgets? Raise your hand!!! 

My Belkin Wishlist

Nowadays mobile phones are already part of our daily must haves because it is the number one medium of our communication. Since technology is uprising and offers a lot of innovation. Most of our gadgets is not just use for communication. We can now use it for gaming, internet browsing, capturing moments in photo or video with HD quality, GPS and many more. We can maximize it by installing different apps that suffice our needs. Like me I have the Blogger app installed in my phone so if I want to blog I can just simply use my phone. Great things all available right? So what is the common problem of gadget frequent users like me? Drained battery of course!

So if given a chance what will be my wishlist for my gadget needs. Here's my list.

Belkin is known for its high quality products that are very efficient and worthy. Let me show you what I like about these items.

First is the Belkin Road Rockstar 4 Port Family Car Charger Port 7.2A in Black. We have a huge family and all of us have our own gadgets and whenever we are on a road trip to another city or province. It is a must for us to bring extra batteries. With this car charger we can charge on the go and this can accommodate 4 gadgets in one charging. It has 2 front seat USB ports that can charge smartphones at optimum speeds with-shared 2.4A while the extendible hub allows back-seat passengers to charge 2 tablets simultaneously at 2.4A per port, 

Second on my list is the Belkin Mixit 4000mAh Power Pack in my favorite color! PINK!!! This power pack is very useful to me for times that I do not have a power outlet available specially when I am attending events or taking long hours of travel. This can charge two gadgets at once. The charged power retain for days. This is compatible to any device that charges using a USB cable. Most of all is its Pink!

Third is the Belkin Micro USB Cable with Lightning Connector Adapter (Black). This is one cable to charge multiple devices and sync USB devices as well as lightning connector devices using just one cable. Me and my husband have different cellphone brands and we cannot share the same charger. Whenever we travel we need to bring our own chargers which is a bit hassle. This will be very helpful to us. We can just pack one charger and go!

Fourth is the Belkin 3 Meters Lightning Sync/Charge Cable in white. I have been using my iPhone for almost 2 years and ever since my problem is the lightning cable. My first cable which is part of the phone kit was broken a year ago and every time I will just purchase a cheaper version. The original cable from MAC is around Php1500 to Php2000 and I cannot see myself spending that amount. I like this cable because it can sync and charge my phone quickly and safely. 

My last wish is another Belkin Mixit 4000mAh Power pack in black for my husband. Just like me my husband use his phone a lot for business purposes and he also experience the hassle of looking for a power port to charge his phone. He will surely like this power pack because he can charge two devices at once. He actually have two phones which he both use in work.

All these items are available at Lazada website and from the merchant BELKIN PH BY MAC POWER.

You may check for more information.

I wish I wish with all my heart to have this products from the someone with love!!!

How about you guys? What are your top 5 most wanted Belkin products? Share it by leaving a comment down below.

Thanks for reading!

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