For the reason I want to be a princess

by - Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hello everyone!

It is payday! That rings the bell for shopping!!! Actually I did not plan on buying anything since I am saving for the big change next year. However I cannot resist the temptation since I am in a place where everything is sweet, pink and nice.

The story started this afternoon. My friend asked me if we can visit the Etude House branch at SM Southmall. I said yes and I was in awe when I saw the cute eyebrow pencil my friend wants to purchase. This is the Drawing Eyebrow which cost Php148.00. I will be posting a separate review on this one.

Then the pretty sales lady offered us to purchase additional items so we can get their pink card. We already have a worth of Php256.00. I checked out their beauty tools section and got myself this very efficient Eyebrow Razor. I have been using this same brand for the longest time and it never fail me. This is available for only Php98.00.

Next and last thing I got is a pair of false eyelashes named Princess Eyelash. I will post a separate review on this. This is for the price of Php198.00. 

A total of Php592.00 and as promise I got a Pink Membership Card. This can be use as a keychain

Also we received two Tea Tree Oil Face mask. I gave the other one to my friend.

Thanks for reading!

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