Michaela Wallet Review

by - Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hello everyone!

So I've been taking a break from blogging lately and I notice that my blogs start pile up and I do not want to procrastinate like what I did last month. So I am presenting you another review which is not about beauty products. Today we have the Michaela wallet review.

So some of you may already know the brand Michaela. This is one of the known bags, wallets, shoes and umbrella stores here in the Philippines. The first time I saw them is in the stores of 168 malls. We are frequent buyers of their umbrellas because they are so cute and handy. Other items I bought from them are shoes. I normally purchase items from them when they are on sale because they really give a great deal. They now have other stores in the leading malls here in Manila like SM and Robinson.

Going back to our review. I recently purchased a very pretty wallet from their store at Robinson's Las Piñas. This is their wallet in gold with heart stud lock.

Here is the closer look with the photos of its compartments.

Its original price Php500.00 and I got this for only Php250.00. That is 50% discount. 

My thoughts about this wallet. This will be my second wallet from Michaela. The first one I got for only Php200.00 back in 2012. Its also from a sale. I stopped using it early this year because the zipper does not close properly. 

I actually admire the durability of Michaela's wallets because I experienced it myself and they are not just a go-to wallet. They come in very sophisticated designs. If you are looking for a durable and pretty look try visiting their store. You will not totally regret it. 

For those that will comment on their doubts regarding durability. Well of course material things last depends on how they are use. If they are use with care then absolutely they will last longer.

Thanks for reading!

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