Javi's Birthday Bash Part 1 #PerksofaBella #SkyHighBar

by - Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hello everyone! 

Another blog for you guys! I'm so sorry I was not able to blog weekly. Sometimes things don't go my way but its alright! This will just be a recap on how awesome we celebrated my husband's awesome birthday.

So we are not really planning on having a big celebration. He just want to celebrate it with people he cares and love the most. Since January is filled with our friend's birthdays. I asked if they want to have like a joined celebration. I asked many but only few were there. It's still okay. Since I am the Madam Organizer I chose a venue that none of us has experience and that is the Sky High Bar at Ace Hotel and Suites located at Pasig City.

It is at the top of the building. 21st floor to be exact. We got there at around 9pm. I called a week ago to confirm and they said the bar is open only until 1am. That's alright since we want to leave by 12 midnight. All of us have commitments the next day.

On our way out of the elevator there is still stairs to the restaurant. We first decided to sit on the sofa that looks very nice. However we decided to move to another table because the sofa is not comfortable for dinner. We sat at the table nearest to the view.

I am a bit disappointed that I forgot there is another spot which is the VIP lounge. Its the exact rooftop ans overlooking to the city's view. I kinda joke at the waiter that he did not offer that to us but instead remind us that we need to consume Php2000 for the seat in the sofa. Such a bummer! 

My friends just told me that its okay. Tyey are still having fun. We ordered food for dinner. The price here is really expensesive. Specially the rice. Plain rice is Php60.00 per cup. 

I took the free rice from one of the entrée. See how few it is? We also ordered Crispy Pata. I forgot to take a photo of it. It's very good and I totally recommend the fish, calamari and crispy pata. The chicken taste the usual.

We enjoyed the night with laughter, stories, bullying each other and planning on best experiences we can all have together in the future. This is night is epic! I wish our other friends are with us.

After dinner we decided to have a few drinks. Us girls chose cocktails while the boys chose beer.

We chat and laugh until midnight. We are supposed to welcome my husband's birthday but since we are totally having fun. We missed the strike of 12. We asked for our bill and since I am a Bella. I do have perks! 

This is a very generous and sweet celebration. Together with my husband our friend Michael, Sarah and Abigail are celebrating as well. However we just have my husband and Michael. Happy Birthday guys!!!

After the bill we settle the bill. We roam around and took some pictures. 

We totally had a blast. Still thank you for Sky High Bar. This is such a wonderful experience. More photos!!!

Thanks for reading!

Sky High Bar
21st Floor, Ace Hotel and Suites
United St. cor. Brixton St.
Near Pioneer, Kapitolyo,
Pasig City 1603

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