My Not-So-Ordinary Brother

by - Monday, January 11, 2016

Hi loves! It's nice to finally blog again! I become quite busy lately adjusting to changes in my life. Well that is fine!

Last January 4, my brother celebrated his eighth birthday. We celebrated it in advance. We gave him presents. Long sleeve shirt, pants, undergarments and socks. I am quite disappointed with the pants. My brother grew so fast and I only know his is in the size of little boys. Now he is getting bigger and I am proud of this little man.

My brother's name is William Janfred. We patterned his name to my dads. He was raised in a different way. Still we love him so much. We do not call our family rich nor poor. We call ourselves blessed and we are so much blessed that we have our not-so-ordinary brother. He is far from ordinary because he is the blessing our family has been praying for a long-time. My parents specially. They wanted a son. Our age gap is 19 years apart. So sometimes I have doubts if we will still be able to raise him in the best way. With God's blessing we did. See it's been eight wonderful years.

If I will be the one to wish for him on this very special day of his life. I wish him one thing and that is always to be the person God planned him to be. I know that he is already thinking of what he wants to be in the future. I hope and I pray that he will achieve everything God designed for him.

By the way guys, the following is my open letter for my brother. You may ask what is my intention for posting it here. It is because I want him to know that I am open and proud on how I became her sister. It is not the ordinary way but I know that is what God planned for us.
To our William,
Hi brother!
Maybe by the time you have read this you are already in your teens or taking up a degree or maybe already conquering the world.
I know that one day you will know how we became brothers. I just want you to know that I never thought about that. My love for you is the same how I love our sisters. You are a part of me and no one can take that away from us.
William I want to say sorry for I know that I am not the perfect big sister for you. I had caused you pain in a lot of way and I regret that. I want you to keep in your mind that I never loved you less and that is why I have done that. It is just I want to make you a better person and sometimes I tend to become selfish and did not think twice. I am very sorry.
I also want to say thank you for adding color to our lives. The first time I met you and held you in my arms I know that our life will not be easy. There will be challenges ahead. However I hold on to my faith and believed.
As you go further with your life keep in mind that I am here behind you. No matter what. We will always be brothers and sisters. We will always be a family.
I love you William... always and forever..

Thank you for reading!

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