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by - Saturday, January 02, 2016

Happy new year guys!

Oh my! 2016 is finally here and I can feel the good vibes coming. I am so grateful for this year. 

We welcomed the new year together with my husband's family. My mother-in-law prepared a feast for us and all of us wore red outfits. My daughter and her aunt are wearing the famous yaya dub dress. They are twinning! Here's our photos. 

It was a very joyful and lovely celebration. I hope that next year we will be the one whose gonna host the next new year's eve feast.

And since we are talking about new year we have this tradition of having our new year's resolution. Some of you might have prepared your own and eager to make it happen. Well this is mine and it is actually a list.

1. Get fit.
2. Lose some weight 
3. Travel... At least twice
4. Take better care of myself
5. Renew my closet
6. Save more money
7. Stick to my resolution

I am not sure with the other stuff listed but I am eager to make 1 and 2 happen. I know I can do this!

This year my empowerment motto is #FocusOnMe2016. Kinda sound Arianna Grande right?

But my goal here is to be more focus. I'm the type who get easily distracted and it is a bad habit. It usually affects my plans in a bad way. So this year I want to be more focus and goal oriented.

For 2016 I will be having a more organized way of blogging. I will be posting a weekly blog. I plan to do it every Friday. Fingers-crossed I will be able to do it. I also changed the categories of the blogs. I will be adding food and travel. I am really aiming to at least leave the city and indulge in a wanderlust vacay! 

Again, Happy New Year to all I pray that everyone will be bless more this year!

Thank you for reading!

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