Looking back at #MakeItHappen2015

by - Friday, January 01, 2016

One hour after we welcome the new year  I have decided to post a look back on what my 2015 became. Together with my BDJ Planner let us take a step back and see how this year become a wonderful journey.

I said to myself that this 2015 I will dance to the beat of my dreams by staying positive and aiming for my goal. If there is one thing I want to achieve that would be my daughter, Julianna Sherrie's first birthday and dedication. 

This was my goals and happiness list. I will be honest not all them came to life but I am happy on how my year became.

This is the bucket list for 2015. I tried to do some of them. 

This thing become the inspiration for the 7 Day Challenge I've been doing. I swear that it is not that easy but I was able to managed. Some of the challenges I made was not even listed here.

January, I got back to work. I was not really happy to go back to work. If you have a cute 2 months old baby left at home I know you will feel the same. Everyday is a challenge. I was even assigned at Mandaluyong city. That is 2 hours away from home. However I am glad that the Pope's visit was scheduled on Jarvey's birthday. I tried to throw him a party and cook for him as well. The food is not great. I think I need to start practicing again. Also This month I was assigned to my first project and required to work on mid-shift sched. So sad. 

February, Valentine's day, BF-GF anniversary and Kimberly, my sister's 19th birthday. This month was pretty tough to me because I got sick for a week. My fever leaves me in the morning and comes back at night. Its a never ending cycle. We thought I catched Dengue. I felt relief when the results fall to negative. We were not able to celebrate the Valentine's that great. We just visited my family. We were planning on watching Fifty Shades of Grey but I decided to just go shopping at Divisoria. What a date right? But I had so much fun.

March is my birthday, my mother-in-law's birthday and my papa's birthday. On my mother-in-law's birthday We gave her a golden sandals. We greeted her at exact midnight. I am so happy that we were able to surprise her. On my birthday I decided to make it a triple celebration since it is my 26th birthday, Julianna's 5th month celebration and papa's 48th birthday. My papa's birthday is actually the next day but I decided to celebrate ot together. My papa is not actually with us that time. He is working abroad. I cooked for the whole family and like what happened last time. It's epic fail. Also this month I started questioning on if I still want to stay in my current company. I am starting to feel like something better is waiting for me outside.

April was actually what we were waiting for because of the holy week vacation. But before that Julianna was confined for four days at the hospital. It was the saddest moment of my motherhood journey. Also I become busier and busier each day at work. Until I finally break down and decided to file for resignation . It was a very difficult decision. Also we lost another love one.

May we traveled to Cagayan province to give our farewell to our love one whose already with our Almighty Father. It was a sad reunion for the whole family. This month I also left the first IT company where I worked for more than five years. I also had the chance to serve and teach the children in our church. It is also the first time Julianna bonded for a week with the people from the church. I am so happy for that wonderful experience.

June, I finally joined a beauty workshop together with my friends. I am so thankful for the wonderful experience. I only paid Php750.00 and I was able to attend five classes. I also started on sending my resume to different companies. My target is here in Alabang. God answered my prayer and I started working again in. A company here in Las Piñas. To God be the glory!

July, Mama's birthday. We had a wonderful dinner at Tokyo Tokyo the night before. Then I also shopped for her. New clothes and wedge sandals. On her actual birthday we attended the dedication of my niece. Javi was chosesn as one of the fortunate godparents.

August! Hi Julianna's hand! She's still up after we partied. Anyway. It was Janel, my brother-in-law's birthday. Our gift is a bit late but we were still able to buy him a new pair of shoes. I can see that he truly like it. Also I started preparing for Julianna's big event.

September was actually my big brother-in-law's birthday. His name is Jarold. We gave him a bundle of PS3 games. I am also busy preparing for Julianna's big day.

October, Julianna Sherrie's big day! Everyday I started posting different topics about Julianna in my blog. I am so proud of my girl. She is smart, funny and beautiful. We throw her a princess and pirate party. In the morning we had her dedication in Born Again Christian rights. After the ceremony we went straight to SM San Lazaro for the party. It ws held at Storyland. The party was a blast and I am so proud for Jarvey and I that we were able to give Julianna this special party. I believe we can do anything for our daughter by faith and not by sight. It was also my sister-in-law's birthday. Javi insisted on giving her the rolling blades that is attached to shoes. I do not like the idea. I am actually planning to buy her clothes and shoes. But yes my husband won. Still it is the happiest month for me because my papa is finally home. This month also we remembered the passing of our love one. Too much happened on one month.

November, our church anniversary. We were supposed to attend but Julianna had asthma attacks. Novembe also I started studying another texhnology which I believe will be my ticket to the career path I want to go. I also started looking for opportunities. I want something that will give me the ability to support not only my own family but also our parents and siblings.

December, last month of the year. Many things also happened. First, finally I was able to find a better opportunity and greener pasture. I already accepted the offer and I will start there this 2016. Second, our cousin RR already finished the race and fought a good fight. He is already with the God Almighty. The same week, our cousin also joined our God Almighty. I also filed my resignation letter. I was able to attend our department's Christmas party at Jollibee. It was a happy night to remember. Before Christmas my papa left to work again overseas. I am so sad that we will not see him again. He said he will be back for vacation after six months. On Christmas eve, the Landeta, Afable and Timbreza clan celebrated Christmas together and this new year we chose to celebrate with my husband's family. 

A lot of things happened in just a year. 

There is good and there is bad. However we were able to make it in every challenge.

I am so thankful that God never left our side and He made us stronger and faithful everyday.

So for 2016 I believe and claimed that this year will be a blessed and fruitful year!

Thank you for reading and happy new year!

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