Red Looks Good On You Dead Pool

by - Friday, February 19, 2016

Hello everyone!

This will be my first time to share my thoughts on a movie. So first on my game is the currently showing in cinemas. The American superhero film based on Marvel comics character Dead Pool.

I am not huge fan of this kind of movies but since this is my husband's interest. I always keep my mind open with this kind of things. At first I am shocked with all the killings. My husband explained to me that its the way Dead Pool is. I also find the love story angle very funny and unique. Not so sweet like a chick flick or in Nicholas Spark's way. Most of all I am so entertained with the comedic timing and delivery of punch lines. Now I understand all the memes I see from facebook like this one.

I won't spoil that one for you. With this movie do not expect that there is moral or lesson. It is pure comedy and action in different ways. You will know once you see. Like I said I am not a movie critic but as a typical girl who does not know anything about Dead Pool and is just entertained by the movie I give this a rating of 5/5.

Such a pretty girl there Negasonic Teeange Warhead!
Also I want to greet my husband Happy 9 years of love. We are in love for 9 years now and better way to celebrate it is with a good movie and burst into laughter. More to us!

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