The Brow Lounge Experience

by - Saturday, February 06, 2016

Hello everyone!

I am becoming active again in blogging. Thank God! So for today I will share my experience with my favorite waxing salon. This is actually the third time I had my brow and underarm session with them.

So I first heard of Brow Lounge from Deal Grocer. I told my friend Meng that there is a deal package of eyebrow cleaning and underarm waxing in deal grocer and the deal is actually good. Then my friend said  that its the place where she have her brows cleaned and maintained. Looking at her brows I can see how good they are. So I gave it a try and purchase one. The technician who worked on me is very nice. She taught me to that my brows are kinda not really in a good shape and I have to apply petroleum jelly to grow it back. All of them are polite.

Let me give you a bit of a tour I am kinda shy to take a lot of photos so please bear with me on the pics that I have.

So outside they have their menu of services posted. The prices is actually fair. They have best service and cozy environment. 

So here are the brow styles they have in case you want to get the brow shaping service. I am thinking of having my brows re-shape because I really want a pretty arc in my brows.

I am too shy to take photos of their reception area so I stick on this little menu posted. 

So this is the area where they do eyebrow services. Those are reclining seats and very comfortable.

Another angle of the room. I like the cozy and pretty interior of these place. You will really enjoy your time in here.

So this is me after my eyebrows were cleaned. It is actually a quick service. Around 15 minutes. The girl behind is the one who worked on me. She is very nice and polite.

This is the waxing room. An extra towel is given to you to wrap around your body. It is actually a small room. Enough to do waxing service. There is a small table to put your things.

I just love how clever their posters are. This is one of them. I'm so thankful that I found this salon. I totally recommend this to everyone. I promise that you will not regret going there as they are very nice, clean and good at what they do. They are located at the lower ground floor of SM Southmall.

To see is to brow-live!

Thanks for reading!

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