Maybeline White Superfresh Liquid Powder Review

by - Saturday, February 06, 2016

Hello everyone! 

So I have been seeing this new product from Maybeline. The White Superfresh Liquid Powder.

This new product from Maybeline is the first ever liquid that turns into powder. It has SPF50 PA++++. It can last up to 12hours for fresh, fair and matte look. It comes in four shades the N3 Natural, N6 Nude, B4 Sand Beige and B5 Honey. I got the shade of N3 Natural. I got it for Php349.00. 

To use this shake it very well. I forgot to do it at first and it looks just like a water. So this is what the product looks like. 

Apply this evenly to your face. So my face is really full of blemishes right now. 

So this is my bare face. I only applied my gel moisturizer a while ago. You can see the pimple marks and red spots.

I applied the liquid powder on the half of my face first. 

This is how the liquid powder covers my blemishes. It's not entirely covering the blemishes like the other products I have used before.

This is the finish of the liquid powder. Here are the things I noticed.

- It quickly dry. It is so matte that it quickly dry. I just used my fingers on applying it.
- It requires a lot of products before I achieved the finish that I want. 
- It is so matte that my skin looks dry after application.
- The coverage is not so flawless. I think I may need to finish this with a powder.

Overall I give it a rating of 4/5. It is almost perfect. I still recommend this to everyone specially those who have oily skin. Since it is matte and dry quickly, you won't bother so much if it will build up on your face. However, economically this is a bit expensive and for sure a bottle will not last for a month if used everyday.

Share your experience using this product by commenting below.

Thanks for reading!

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