31 Days of Beauty with Suzie - Wear Falsies

by - Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I'm not the type who is so obsessed with perfect and voluminous lashes. However in everyday look I make sure that its curled and coated with my favorite mascara to make my eyes look brighter and pretty.
Today I will show you a simple makeup look I do that includes wearing a lashes. This is my go-to-prettified-lashes look. I hope we can pull this in 5 minutes.

Make sure to prep your face with your morning routine. Then apply enough amount of BB Cream to cover those blemishes.

Now set the cream using your powder or foundation. Apply it by gently dabbing the sponge to your face.

Now groom your brows. I won't make a big fuss and I will just tame and fix it using my treat and tame brow gel.

Now for eyes since we are going to wear falsies and that would make our eyes look vavavoom. We will not put too much makeup. I will just apply this Eyeshadow Pop shade that looks like champagne pink.

Now line your eyes. Make it thin and close to the roots of your lashes. Do not add a wing. Just a simple line.

Curl your lashes and apply 3 coats of mascara. Starting from the roots, then at the ends and finally the entire lashes.

Now for the falsies, I will be using the 02 Pointlash from Etude House Princess Eyelashes. It comes with a glue. I am not an expert on putting this. I only apply this on special occasions. What I like about lashes from Etude House is they come with a glue. So you do not need to purchase it. Their lashes comes in different designs so you can pick which one suits your taste. If you think that the lash is too big or long you can trim it using an ordinary scissors. When you apply it make sure to let the glue settle in the lashes for 5 seconds.

Apply a pea size amount of tint to your cheeks. 

Finish the look with a swipe of a pink lippie.

And now we're done.

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