Start the Day Right

by - Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Every day of my life revolves so much with my family and I am thankful for it. They give the boost I need to face and accomplish the things I must complete in a day.

As a mother and a career woman, I balance my time and maximize every seconds I have. 

The busiest time of the day will always be the morning. Every seconds of it is important and nothing should go to waste.

Since we moved to our new place I have been doing this ritual for two weeks now and though its really tiring. I am still happy that I am the Super Mommy the way I know.

5:00 in the morning is the start of my day. As my alarm starts singing that annoying song I am carefully crawling to the edge of our bed to stop it so it won't wake my family. I will go down stairs and take a quick bathroom break. Then I will wash our rice cooker's pot and cook some rice.

Around 5:10 I already put the rice cooker and water heater on. While those things do its business me on the side grabs my bible, devotion book and journal and have a me and God time for around 10 minutes. I will usually read the devotion for the day and the scriptures from the bible then write random stuff in my journal.

By this time I am already sipping my coffee and cooking breakfast. Mostly I cook stuff that only requires frying techniques. 

Breakfast is ready and it's time for me to plunge on good morning bath. My bath usually takes 15 minutes. Sometimes lesser because I need to be out of the house as soon as possible. Brushing my teeth is already included.

And now I am dressing up. I usually have my clothes planned out for a week. This is to prevent me from taking so much time to decide on what to wear. I will apply toner, moisturizer, BB cream, lotion and spritz some perfume. 

Now I am all dressed up. Shoes on and packing my breakfast and lunch. I eat my breakfast in the office to avoid getting late. I am out of the house and walking going to the terminal of UV Express Van. It is the most comfortable and convenient way of transient to office. Depends on how heavy traffic is but this mostly run to 1 hour to another 30 minutes. I usually catch on sleep while in the van. Mommy needs to fuel up for the whole day work.

Hopefully by 7:30 I am at the office. I already logged in. Eat my breakfast, do some retouch by applying makeup.

Now reading my emails. Checking on tasks for today and talking to my colleagues for other rendezvous in the office.

This is how my morning runs. In a little time I was able to accomplish the things I needed to do. Truly Mommys are superheroes!

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