Be The Change

by - Wednesday, July 27, 2016

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” 
– Leo Tolstoy

Nowadays the hashtag #ChangeIsComing became the talk of the town. With our new President's inauguration and recently concluded State of the Nation Address. Everyone's hopes were lifted.

I graduated from one of the State Universities in the country which is very visible and outspoken in politics and economic state. One day while we are taking our exam, a group of activist who were also students came to our room and asked our professor to dismiss our class so we can join them in fighting their belief and advocacy. My professor declined and told them that we are smarter and we know better how we can make change. 

The question "What can I do to be the change our country needs?" may seem a no-brainer to others. So what should I really do to be the change?
Forgive and keep moving forward
Conflicts nowadays are mostly the result of misunderstandings done in the past. I know I am not perfect and I still have issues that are still painful to remember. However I do my best to forgive and give others a chance and move on. I also seek for forgiveness when I am the one wronged by others. It does not make me the lesser person or the loser. It helps me build good character and stronger friendship.
Always have a thankful heart
For every gestures whether big or small I make it a habit to say thank you. Saying thank you to the Security Guard who welcomed me at the mall and opened the door. Or the other passenger in the jeep who stretch his hand to give my fare to the driver. Or to my Dad and Mom who washed our laundry last weekend. I always say thank you. I make it a habit even to my daughter. I always make sure she never forget to bring back the gesture. This way I can add positive vibe to others and make them feel appreciated.
 Spread the Love
Since our era become technologically inclined with everyone active in social media. One click and I have the power to boost or bring down someone. Instead of telling lies or bashing others I look at the brighter side and appreciate the things they share on the internet. If I think that I have nothing good to say then I just keep it to myself. Bashing others won't make me a better person.
Promote the Truth
I know that we have that tiny voice in our head that tells us to tell lies instead of the truth. Well living in lie is not the best option. Mostly it brings chaos and complications in the end. They say our country is filled with corrupts and liars. I usually complain about it. So whenever I have the chance to make a difference I do it. One time I am at this store and the sales lady made a mistake and gave me an excess amount of change. I immediately return the difference. I do not want her to suffer from that mistake. Also there is a time at home that I damaged something. I immediately confessed and took ownership of my action. Truth comes with courage and I know sometimes its difficult but if  I really want change it will just be an easy task.
Face your day without Complaining
Yes I know! With all the traffic, flooding and pollution. What have we done? Majority we just complain. I always have the tendency to complain before I do something. Like I do not want any inconvenience at my expense. The simple fact is that complaining will get me nowhere. Complaining leads to more complaining and nothing get ever done. For a change, go on with your day without complaining. For sure its hard but instead of focusing on the problem why not focus on the resolution. If you cannot solve it then just move on.  One time I was stuck in traffic that caused for my tardiness. Instead of complaining. I just let it passed and the next day I left home earlier to make sure I am on time.

Change will never happen in a snap. We can have it by taking one step at a time. From small beginnings we can achiever greater things.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” 
– Mahatma Gandhi
Thank you for reading!

Much Love,


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