Date With Bestie ... The Ace Water Spa Pasig City Experience

by - Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Suzie Timbreza
Reception =)

Hello everyone! 

I can't remember the last time me and my best friend went out. 

Last Saturday my husband let me go for half a day to bond with my best friend.

I took this opportunity to give her a birthday treat. Her birthday is actually a month ago. I decided to give her a spa day. 

Good thing I have a perk from BDJ.

We got there very late and there is a huge crowd waiting for their number to be called. You need to get a number first and a representative will assist you. 

The sad part is we cannot take photos inside. 

Our experience is very funny. Since we are both first-timers its a bit awkward to go to a therapy station and use it. We are also in swimsuits and we feel awkward roaming around. We keep on dipping our bodies into the water to hide. Teehee!!!

Well too much blabbing. 

Despite all the crazy and funny moments we still had a great time. My favorite I think is the dip pool. We stayed there longer because its very relaxing.

If you are planning to try this awesome spa I have some tips for you. 
1. Make sure to wear a tight swimwear. Rash guard is allowed in the premise so if you are not comfortable wearing a swimsuit then you can go for your favorite rash guard.
2. Do not worry that the 4-hour hydrotherapy is not suffice. It is actually enough.
3. Ace provides plastic bags for your wet swimwear so don't panic if you forgot to bring one.
4. Ace provides a swimming cap so don't forget or remove it. Also you need to return it after use.
5. You will be very hungry after so make sure to put in the agenda to stop by at your favorite restaurant.

Here's our pictures.

Suzie Timbreza

Suzie Timbreza

Suzie Timbreza

Suzie Timbreza
I am in awe with this chandelier.
Suzie Timbreza

Suzie Timbreza
Rice all you can!

Thank you for reading!

Much Love,

Ace Water Spa Pasig City
United St., cor. Brixton St. near Pioneer, Pasig City
Trunkline: (6 32) 451-1111 / 582-5754
Customer Hotline:  (6 32) 404-9995

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