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by - Tuesday, December 20, 2016

#mommybloggersph #mbpgiftswap
It's the most wonderful time of the year!

What I love about this season is everyone is pouring their love to everyone unconditionally. It could be in gesture or gifts. In this season I also enjoy the thrill of finding a gift for someone. Gift-finding is not an easy-peasy task. You have to learn the art of finding a gift that will suit the taste and the personality of the recipient.

So when I received an invitation to join the MBP Gift Swap I got so excited. The challenge is instead of looking for something that the recipient will like, I have to come up with something that describes or reflect my blog. Challenge accepted!

So first who is Musings of A Suzie? I did a lot of re-branding for my blog. Until one day I realize who I really wanted to be. I want to be a mommy and beauty blogger. Yes I know there are a lot of me in the blogosphere but to me I think this is more of a diary of collective memories and insights as a mother and as a woman who wants to stay beautiful with grace.

For the loving woman behind Life of Que
So what did I got for my MBP Gift Swap partner? First, I got her a cute and totally useful purse or pouch from EGG. I actually have three of this pouch. I use it for organizing stuff, when I shop for grocery or for a quick errand. This pouch is like me as a Mom. Something strong, something flexible, something that can bring a lot through time and something I can use at any circumstances. Second, I chose to include a lip and cheek rolly from Sooper Beaute. I love fixing myself but since I have to wear different hats in a day I need to be all prepped up under 5 minutes at least. However there are times that I need to be ready the least time needed. All I need is a pop of color for my cheeks and lips.

My MBP Gift Swap Partner is no other than Miss Que Gavan of Life of Que. She is an admirable mother and wife. She write about  travel, parenting, homeschooling, practical finds and getting fit & fab. She is also the better half of and the brilliant mind behind The Filipino Homeschooler. She is so inspiring. I hope one day I will meet her.

So now how about what I received? I received a skin care gift from Miss Serene Shikukeza of The Super Momma. She is a wonderful mother to three kids. She share life experiences, health and beauty tips and her travels with her family. I admire her passion with blogging. I wish to meet this wonderful mother someday.

This is what's inside the bag. I got so excited because its something that I would love to have in my skin care kit.

Even Julianna got interested on what this is for and joined me on my Special Saturday Skin Care Routine. Thank you Miss Serene for this beautiful gifts.

This is a memorable experience for me. I always want to expand my connections in the blogging world. I admire mostly the mothers like me who continue to do their passion.

I would like to thank the wonderful sponsors of #MBPGiftSwap and #MommyBloggersPH.

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  1. Hi Ms. Suzie, just reading your interesting post. I am also a mom. Just got back from more than 3 years of blogging hiatus. My blog is

  2. Hi Juana! Thank you for visiting my blog and reading this post. I hope you are having a great holiday! God bless you!