Parisian x Milanos: The Hottest Fair 2016

by - Friday, November 11, 2016

Parisian x Milanos
The Hottest Fair
A week before this hottest event I received an email. Its more than an email. It is an invitation to attend the Parisian x Milanos: The Hottest Fair. I was given two passes by BDJ. I know this may sound cheesy or to others cheap but I will come clean and pronounce that I am a fan of JADINE. I mean who wouldn't like them? I think they are perfect for each other.

The gate was opened by 3 in the afternoon. I am not sure if they really did but to avoid long lines we came in late. 4 in the afternoon to be exact. We did not know there was a line so we proceed to second floor. On our way the bouncers stopped us and told us that there was a line waiting outside. So my plan did not succeed and we still managed to stand up for about 30 minutes outside.

Pretty girls patiently waiting outside =D
While waiting my sister and I talked about a lot. A lot about life and us. Then we also took photos. The lighting outside is so perfect and we do not want to miss the opportunity for that awesome SELFIE.

Since its been a long time I fixed up myself for full makeup of the day, I also snapped selfies wearing my current favorite lippie. The Birthday Suit by Sleek.

Sakit batok pose =D =D =D
Yes! After 30 minutes waiting outside we were able to get inside the premise of SMX Convention Center. Passing the bouncers and then at the second floor is another line.

So much love for JADINE by their sponsors

Apologies for the not so good lighting. Here is the registration booth

Hi to the beautiful girl in black! Welcome to the hottest fair!
We laugh here not because of the dear girl in black but because my sister is struggling to take a good photo. I kept on telling her to snap the whole door decoration in the photo and she tried many times but yes this is the best we got.

Inside this is what we saw. The venue is a bit under lighted. Still the place is full of energy. Everyone is busy visiting every booth. We are given a fair passport and encouraged to complete and visit 15 booths. If we do, we are qualified to join the raffle. Grand prize is an IPhone 6. Here is our journey for every booth.

Whisper Booth

Another long line for Flawless U Booth

The game on this booth was not explained well and the facilitators are not accommodating. 

Creamsilk booth

At the Creamsilk booth. I like this vanity mirror!

Everyone is busy

We almost block Nadi's picture

Hi James!

Just pose, post and you will get a free Cornetto Cookies and Cream

Other side of the booth area

Here is the free ice cream

More booths

Tada! Passport complete!

This photo is almost perfect. Hi to the pasaway who did not put the trash in the trash bin!
There are also giant-size games like pick up sticks, jenga, snakes and ladders, twisters and tic-tac-toe.

Pick up sticks





Snake and Ladders
We also roamed around to see what are set in the other areas of the fair.

Too much walking exhaust us and also hunger kicked in. We ate the most expensive bacon-hotdog sandwich of all time. We have a regular pass and we roamed so much that by the time we went to the audience place for the show we are already far back from the stage. Well still seen a good show and had a good time.

Our lovely hosts Justin Quirino and Nicole Andersson
Reese Lansangan

The Alliance Dance Crew

Song and dance numbers before the highlight of the night.

For this part I would like to apologize since this maybe a once in a lifetime encounter with them. I was not able to take a decent photo or video of Sam Concepcion, Morisette Amon, James Reid and Nadine Lustre. So here I borrowed some. Credits to the owners of these videos.

From Youtube Channel Zainiken
James Reid singing Cold Water

From Youtube Channel Chikkaness Ave
Sam Concepcion and Morisette Amon singing What do you mean

From Youtube Channel Chikkaness Ave
Nadine Lustre singing Starving

From Youtube Channel trench17
James Reid and Nadine Lustre singing Closer

We had a blast that day. We were not able to snap a photo with them but the experience suffice. I would like to thank BDJ for giving us the passes. Thank you guys!

Thank you for reading guys!

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