Dear Beauté Himawari by Kracie Oil in Shampoo & Conditioner (Volume & Repair) Review

by - Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Dear Beauté Himawari by Kracie Oil (Volume & Repair)
I love my hair! I am! So when it comes to taking a leap to maintain it healthy and beautiful I do not hesitate to take a risk. That is why when I received this sample I got excited.

Dear Beauté Himawari by Kracie Oil in  Shampoo (Volume & Repair)
500ml / PHP695.00

Dear Beauté Himawari by Kracie Oil in  Shampoo (Volume & Repair)
500ml / PHP695.00
This shampoo and conditioner contains sunflower extracts that is especially developed to cater to dry, flat, limp and rebellious hair.  This rich textured shampoo contains Volume & Bounce formula that boosts volume and restores the hair’s internal lipid-moisture balance while gently cleansing the strands, leaving it with body and volume. It’s Silicone & Sulfate Free so it’s safe and gentle on your hair!

Packaging     3/5
Smell    5/5
Hair Manageability 4/5
Softness 4/5
Availability     4/5
Price    3/5
Overall Experience     4/5

I was surprised to see that this product comes in a sachet sample. I thought it comes in small pump bottle. I love the smell of this. I love the floral scent of it. For the effectiveness I do not assure that my hair had a significant amount of change after using it. The sachet is big so I was able to use it for two days. I notice a bit of change on the second day. I love how it made my hair softer and manageable. Overall, I like this product.

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