C-Lium Fibre (Husk) Review

by - Tuesday, November 08, 2016

C-Lium Fibre (Husk)
Sizes / Prices
C-lium Husk 7 day pack / PHP88.50
C-lium Husk 30s / PHP375.00
C-lium Husk jar 200g / PHP687.50
C-lium Husk 100s / PHP1250.00
I am struggling to lose weight lately. I am a four feet and eleven inches tall woman who now weighs 120 pounds. As per my last check I am about to get to the edge and cross the overweight boarder. At first I am only concern with my figure and the clothes that I could no longer wear. Now I am more concerned with my health. Since I have PCOS I am prone to have diabetes and I do not want that to happen. So I tried and I tried and I tried to lose weight but my journey is just like a yo-yo. It goes then it comes back sometimes bigger than what I lost.

I am not new to taking supplements and drinks that helps burn fat. I am not ashamed of that. I take it as looking after myself. Included in my daily routine is to take a night cup of my tea. This help me reduce bloating and avoid adding more weight. However it is not that simple.

So when I received a sample of C-Lium Fibre I said this one may help. C-lium is made of 100% natural psyllium plant which is a good source of soluble and insoluble fiber. It has no additives, no preservatives, no artificial colors, flavours or sweeteners.

Psyllium Fiber is known for many health benefits such as:
• lowering of cholesterol
• managing of blood sugar
• removing excess fat

The sample has 7 sachets. I took one everyday before breakfast.

Packaging     5/5
Helps Improve Digestion 4/5
Smell    4/5
Effectiveness 4/5
Availability     5/5
Price    4/5
Overall Experience     4/5

I am glad that this come in an easy open sachet. I chose to drink this on a warm water and chug another glass after. I do not like the smell of it. Its too herbal for me. The taste also is not good. I need to drink it straight. When it comes to digestion. On my first two days I got bloated. I feel so heavy and uncomfortable. On the seventh day, apologies for the word but my bowel movement is so active. Maybe five times that day. Its a bit tiring. Overall, I am not comfortable to continue it.

Have you tried this? Share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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