Olay Natural White Pinkish Fairness Review

by - Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Olay Natural White Pinkish Fairness
I have been having skin issues lately and I wanted to resolve it with a good facial cream.

This is my first time to use the Olay Natural White Pinkish White. To give you an idea. This is an intensive moisturizing cream that leaves skin with a pinkish, radiant glow. It lightens and brightens the skin. Reducing the appearance of dark spots and evens out the complexion. It helps protects skin against sun damage with SPF 24 PA++.

It has a creamy consistency
Here is my review.

Texture          ðŸ’—💗💗💗
Moisturizing Properties          ðŸ’—💗💗💗
Whitening Properties          ðŸ’—💗💗💗
Overall Experience          ðŸ’—💗💗💗

The cream has a thick texture. Since I sweat easily I have to apply a small amount of the product to my face to avoid oiliness. I leave and wait for the cream to settle to my skin before I apply other products. This serves as my moisturizer and sunscreen. I am satisfied by how it work on my skin. With the whitening, I cannot see a significant change in my complexion. Overall I am happy with the result but I am not going to get another bottle of this.

I recommend this for people who have dull, spotty, blemished skin.

Thank you for reading and God bless you!

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