Flower Child

by - Saturday, August 05, 2017

🎕 Sunday Morning on a Flower Child Vibe 🎕
We had a little fun last Sunday and do a little photo shoot. Thanks to my husband I was able to do this.

The Ensemble
Black Romper from Cotton On
Kimono Cover up and Gold Accessories from a thrift shop at SM Center Las Piñas
Black Leather Watch from Cherie Paris
Silver Accessories from Unisilver
Hat and Boots borrowed from my little sister Kimmy 💖
I got the inspiration to do this from the next BDJ event. They are having a Bohemian-themed event. This is one of the fashion-styles I am dreaming to do. Normally they do a lot of layers and sometimes they are just a laid-back simple ensemble.

The Flower Child
I try to complete an ensemble from the pieces I already have and some I borrowed from my sister. I wanted to do the shoot at our village's park but I changed my mind and just do it outside of our house.

The Flower Child ... again
I have friends who asked me what does my hand gesture symbolizes. Actually nothing. I just opted on that post. I wanted to rock a pose done by my new found favorite model Mauren Wroblewitz.

My favorite shot!
This is my favorite shot of all the many my husband took. This shot was able to capture my goal "Flower Child" theme. I see the flower child as carefree, outgoing and confident lady.

Thank you for reading and God bless you!

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