Pond's Gold Radiance 7-Day Challenge

by - Monday, September 21, 2015

Hello everyone!

This is a super late post! I almost forgot to post it.

So last BDJ Rendezvous we bellas received freebies and it includes a 100ml bottle of Pond's Gold Radiance.

Bring back the radiance of youth with proper care by the help of this product.

7-Day Challenge 
From September 1, 2015, Tuesday 
To September 7, 2015, Monday 

This product is actually good for dry skin type. Since it help fade dullness and radiance. The packaging is really beautiful. It comes in a tube colored un glow. It also smells good.

I totally recommend this to those who have a dry skin type. Those who have sensitive skin like me should take a lot of care when using this. Proper sunscreen is a must also.

Overall Rating is 5/5. Until now I am suing it and it seems fine. So I will still go for 5.

Thanks for reading!

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