The Best Beautiful Gift #OlayBella #MoistureThatLasts #TotalEffects

by - Saturday, September 05, 2015

Hello everyone!

Its been a while. 

I want to share this beautiful gift I received from Olay last week. A promise to be in my BEST BEAUTIFUL.

The Best Beautiful Gift

I love being a Bella because we are so pampered and spoiled with a lot of beauty products. We are truly love and with that I am very thankful that I met BDJ years ago.

Let's unwrap this gift.

The Best Beautiful Gift

This gift comes with Olay Deep Moisture with Honey Body Wash and Olay Total Effects 7 in One.

The Best Beautiful Gift

This is a new product of Olay that promise to give 24-hour moisturisation for our body. I will post a separate blog about this.

The Best Beautiful Gift

This is a day cream preferably for normal skin type. I am thankful that I received this as a gift. I have concerns to try this since I have Oily skin. I will share my experience on a separate blog.

The Best Beautiful Gift

Included also is the description leaflets. My husband loves the case also. He said he will use it to contain the medicines of our daughter.

By the way I got this gift from Belle De Jour. Since I am already a member. They just announced in their FB page to update our accounts. I received a survey email and then voila! Got this perk!

Stay tuned for my 7-Day Challenge Blogs.

Share your thoughts on this gift Bellas by leaving a comment down below. Are you also excited about this?

Thanks for reading! =)

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