Julianna Diaries Vol. 5: With Love Cherrie

by - Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Hello everyone!

It is a Sunny afternoon. We decided to leave at 4pm. With our hearts half broken and half at peace. We went to a place nobody would love to meet someone who have a special place in our heart. Its been a year now but the memory is still fresh.
Last year we are very delighted that Julianna is coming. By October 5, 2014 we are all devastated that Julianna will no longer meet in person her Auntie Cherrie Dianne.

We are supposed to name her Julianna Sera. Sera means "heavenly winged angel". However, we decided to change it and name her Julianna Sherrie instead. We took the name Sherrie from Cherrie. This is our way of still giving her the place she deserves to be in our family. She will aways be miss and always be love.

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