BYS Eyeliner Gel in Black Magic Review

by - Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hello everyone!

More reviews coming! This time its the BYS Eyeliner Gel.

This fabulous kit is everything you need to create winged eyeliner perfection! Just dip the angled design brush into the pot of rich black colour and perfectly lined eyes will be yours in seconds. So let's try.

After so many try I ended up on just simply lining my eyes. Its not that perfect though. I do not like the consistency of the BYS Eyeliner Gel. It is very oily. And it takes too long to dry. It keeps on ruining my eye makeup. I don't like the angled brush that comes with this also. Its hard to control. I give this a 2/5. I really do not like the product.

This product is worth Php549.00. It is too expensive. I do not recommend this but if you are interested to try you can find it at beauty section of major malls in the metro.

Thank you for reading!

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